A good sound system can change the atmosphere of a private party or a corporate act. Nothing like music to cause impact, with some speakers of the best range. Are you organizing an event in Ibiza or Barcelona? Rent a sound system and some accessories of audio or video, and you will have a great success, without any great investment in equipment.


Whether you need a microphone for a congress, speakers for a wedding or any other need, rent sound equipments with us! We offer you a wide range of products, services and packages of sound systems. You can find us in Eivissa and Barcelona. We also offer the production of live sound for meetings and events of all kinds. We take care of you so that you can rent sound, with a wide variety of products. Additionally, you can ask our technicians to take charge of placing the whole audio-visual equipment, and picking it up at the end of the event. Also, we have at your disposal a DJ service and a list of singers and music groups. Your event will be the best!


Products to rent sound. We have mixers, audio players, speakers, power stages, video and lighting products and many accessories. If you rent sound and other accessories with our company, we will ensure to offer you the best quality of the market, suitable to your specific needs.
Installation and collection services. Do you need to rent sound for a wedding, anniversary, corporate event or any other occasion? You do not have to worry about collecting audio-visual equipment, because our technicians can install them directly. At the end of the event, we make sure of collecting all the equipment.
DJ service, singer and band. Do you want a perfect event, where attendees spend an unforgettable experience? Live music is very different than just the surrounding sound. That’s why we have a list of professional singers, groups and DJs.
What do you need? Check out our products and our combined packs. We can offer you the perfect solution for audio-visual equipment! We have high-end equipment, we offer on-site support and everything you need to create shock-inspiring events. If you can not find exactly what you are looking for, or have questions about your needs, ask us! We can customize the pack for your event, depending on the conditions of the room, the activities you want to perform and your preferences.

Need a custom package?

Send us a message with your specifications and we will contact you within 24h.


We provide top quality products for rent. We have audio, video and lighting systems. In addition, we support customers in Ibiza and Barcelona.



Now you can save yourself the purchase of a mixer for your event. You can rent the sound equipments with us, and also hire the service. We have both analog and digital types. You will find a wide range of possibilities, mixer of 4 channels up to 32 channels. We have the best of the market, such as the Pioneer mixing table.



If you want a suitable solution for disc-jockeys, the best choice is a high fidelity audio player. We have Technics, a high quality turntable. Thanks to its design, it is perfect for locating the buttons and sound tracks. It is perfect for night use, at parties, weddings or some other private celebration in Ibiza or Barcelona.



We provide rental of high quality professional speakers for events of all sizes in Barcelona and Ibiza. We have a wide range of speakers of the best quality on the market. We have active speakers, passive speakers, subwoofers, monitors, etc.  Not sure which is the right speaker rental for your meeting or event?



The stages of power allow you to amplify the sound, guaranteeing the best quality. Our technicians can advise you on the specific needs for your event. In our website for renting sound equipments, we have analog power stages and digital power stages. What do you need? Discover our high-end products! In addition, we can install a rack cabinet with several power stages, if necessary.



We have all seen the added value that a good spotlight can give at a party. Lighting can totally change the feeling of the audience in a room, even the impact of some words and decoration. Add video and lighting in your event! In corporate events you can make a difference if you have a good projector, with good visibility even if there is some light in the room.



We often find that our customers want several sound and video products for their event. In many cases, it includes the need for some accessories to solve the technical needs of the equipment. Sound accessories range from the most basic to the most professional. However, in Alquilar Sonido we only offer the best in the market.



Many times, the bride and groom who organize their wedding or the companies that want to create the most motivational corporate event, ask us to add some accessories. Karaoke can give that perfect touch of fun to your private event! We have the products, accessories and knowledge you need. Create your special karaoke for the event you want! We have a wide variety of products available for rent in Ibiza and Barcelona.



At a party or a wedding, music can be decisive in making the celebration a success. The problem is that it is often not easy to find the right DJ service. How to find a good Disc-Jockey for your event? We can help you! Imagine having to decide which DJ you hire, which speakers are the best for your room, how to install all the sound equipment…



Just like you, we want your event to be perfect. Therefore, we haven’ forgotten any detail. We usually find that many organizers also request a singer or band service. Are you looking for a professional singer to energize your event? At weddings, parties and even business conventions, a musical voice can be the perfect complement to the rest of the event’s activities.


Do you need more than one sound solution for your event? We are used to cases like yours. Therefore, we have packs that combine different products. In this way, you can cover different needs with the right package. Here you will find a list of packs to rent sound, video or lighting equipment.


Pack 1 DJ


1 Mixer Allen&Heath Xone92

2 CdPlayers CDJ2000 Nexus Pioneer


Pack 2 DJ


1 Mixer Allen&Heath Xone92

2 CdPlayers CDJ2000Nexus Pioneer

2 TurnTables Technics SL1210 MK2


Pack 3 DJ


1 Mixer Pioneer DJM500

2 CdPlayers CDJ2000Nexus Pioneer

2 TurnTables Technics SL1210 MK2


Pack 4 DJ


1 Mixer Pioneer DJM900 Nexus

2 CdPlayers Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

2 TurnTables Technics Sl 1210 MKII


Pack 5 DJ


1 Mixer Pioneer DJM900 Nexus

2 CD Player Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus


Pack 1 Electrovoice ELX


2 Altavoces ELX 115P

2 Subwoofer ELX 118P


Pack 2 Eminence S12


2 Altavoces Eminence S12

1 Subwoofer Eminence W12


Pack Pequenos Eventos


1 Mixer Pioneer DJM 500

2 CdPlayer Pioneer CDJ

2 Alatvoces

2 Subgrave


Pack Grandes Eventos


1 Mixer Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus

2 CdPlayer Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

4 Alatvoces Dynacord

2 Subgrave Dynacord

2 Etapas Potencias (Power) Crown XTI 4002

1 Procesador sonido Pro MDX 1400


Pack Corporate Events


1 Mixer Pioneer DJM500

2 TurnTables Technics SL1210 MK2

6 Alatvoces Dynacord

2 Subgrave Dynacord

3 Etapas Potencias (Power) Crown XTI 4002

1 Procesador sonido Pro MDX 2400

2 Microphone WMS 40 -wireless


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